Chris Leidy


In this fast moving world photographer Chris Leidy has found his inspiration within the depths of global oceans. Under water, Chris captures a vision – a flash in time – through his lens. In singular action, amidst mass movement, he captures the complexity of being still in the moment; his art is not just a metaphor for life – it is his life.


This extraordinary collection of underwater limited edition photographic prints are titled WATER TO ICE, FOCAL POINT and STOP MOTION.


Christopher P. Leidy is the great, great grandson of Joseph Pulitzer, the Hungarian born American newspaper publisher who established in 1917 the Pulitzer Prize. He is the grandson of re-knowned designer Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau.  Chris has steadily established his own legacy as the foremost underwater artist producing images of rare beauty.


His work is featured in notable publications in The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, Forbes, and many international publications. He goes to diverse, exotic places such as Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Micronesia, Vanuatu, the Cocos Islands, and most recently the Arctic. He throws away guidebooks opting instead to immerse himself in different cultures, comprehending and capturing an image as his vernacular. His month in each locale often in extreme, austere living conditions is shorthand for what his camera captures.


Conquering fear, he goes in the deep-seas and dives there, finding his own solace in the ocean. In mysterious and unpredictable depths in landscapes with extraordinary creatures, he takes his photographs. Leidy has attracted the attention of serious art collectors, ocean enthusiasts, and environmentalists.