Clive Smith


Born in Saint Albans, England in 1967, Clive Smith made an entrance into the international scene when he was awarded third prize in the esteemed BP Portrait Award organized by the National Portrait Gallery in London in 1998. Smith has earned a reputation for crafting exquisite paintings of full figures presented within psychologically evocative settings.  Recently, Smith has been focusing on the austerity of man stripped of all ornaments by painting his nude subjects in a stark, documentary style. The absence of background details and of contextualization of the subjects ensures that there are no distractions from the figures. As a result, the viewer is drawn into the work primarily by the physical human form, becoming aware the model and observer exist in a special realm, independent of the surrounding world.

Clive Smith’s works can be found in collections around the world such as: Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York; Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, Missouri; National Portrait Gallery, London England.