Jennifer Bartlett


Jennifer Losch Bartlett is an American artist born is 1941 in Long Beach, California. Her work combines abstract and representational styles.  She grew up in the suburbs of Long Beach before she attended Mills College in Oakland, California. While a student, she formed a friendship with the future mixed-media sculptor Elizabeth Murray. Bartlett received her BA in 1963. She then traveled to New Haven to study at Yale School of Art and Architecture at a time when minimalism was the dominant style.  Bartlett is best known for her paintings and prints of mundane objects—especially houses—executing in a style that combines elements of both representational and abstract art. In 1981, she created a two-hundred foot mural for the Federal Building in Atlanta, Georgia.

Bartlett has become known for colorful painting on baked enamel on steel plates, which she then installs in grids. Each plate is both an individual work and a part of a larger piece. She also works with numerous mediums including pencil, ink, conte, oil pastel, gouache, drypoint, aquatint, screen prints, woodcuts, and lithography.