Natvar Bhavsar


Natvar Bhavsar (b. 1934) is an Indian born American artist. He is known for his abstract expressionist and color field paintings. Bhavsar earned is MFA at the University of Pennsylvania School of Design in 1965 and received a Rockefeller grant. He also taught art at the University of Rhode Island between 1967 and 1969.

His works are identified by hazy geometric shapes at the center of a solid colored canvas. Influenced by Indian sand painting, Bhavsar improvises as he paints. He applies paint by using a sifting technique with a screen and by laying the canvas on the floor so that he can work from all four sides.

Bhavsar’s work is part of many important collections around the globe, including but not limited to: the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), Guggenheim Museum (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney), and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (Boston).