Gerard Mossé joins Marlborough Gallery 

Press Release

The Directors of Marlborough Gallery are pleased to announce the addition of painter Gerard Mossé to its roster of artists. Marlborough Gallery will present an exhibition of his work in 2018.
The artist was born in Morocco and spent his formative years in Marseilles, Paris and Los Angeles. It was in his early 20s that Mossé began his artistic career in Venice, California. He later obtained his MFA in painting from the Claremont Graduate School of Art and moved to New York in the late 1980s. As Mossé honed his painterly practice, a unique kind of color-saturated abstraction became his focus, and each composition possesses an intense luminosity.
On each canvas, the artist coerces colors into glowing forms which throb with celestial auras and possess their own kind of electricity. Art in America described Mossé’s layered surfaces as “seductive skin that shifts from the opaque to the lustrous and delicately transparent… As paint transubstantiates into light, it parallels the mystery that exists at the heart of matter, that is the heart of the matter.”
The elegant structure of any painting by Mossé is complex in its minimalism and the impact can be sublime. The artist, a lifelong experimenter, has discovered ways to evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer. Mossé takes his time achieving the final visual effect, frequently reworking a single canvas over months—even years. Mossé states, “When working on a painting - usually as part of a series- I constantly ask myself ‘Is it alive yet?’ I look for the moment when color becomes light, a flat surface becomes space and the physicality of the paint all come together to, hopefully, create an event.”
Writer Robert Knafo has written of the work that, “Light, the stuff of photons and scientific investigation, becomes in Mossé’s paintings a metaphor for consciousness…inner illumination, epiphany.”
Gerard Mossé has mounted solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, California; Munich, Germany; and New York, New York over his 30-year career. His work has been featured in group exhibitions in Tokyo, Japan; Seattle, Washington; Boston, Massachusetts, and New York, New York. In addition, he has taught at Claremont Graduate School of Art, Claremont, California; Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts and lectured at the University of Washington in Seattle and The New York Studio School.

Summary: Gerard Mossé joins Marlborough Gallery