Roberta Smith Reviews Picasso Exhibition in The New York Times 

“Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso’s Prints From 1905-1968,” at Marlborough, running through May 1, is reviewed by Roberta Smith of the New York Times. She extolled the extensive curatorial efforts of Vice President Tara K. Reddi, and remarked on the complementary conversation between this show and the concurrent prints exhibition, “Picasso: Themes and Variations,” at the Museum of Modern Art.

"...“Celebrating the Muse: Women in Picasso’s Prints From 1905-1968,” at the Marlborough Gallery on West 57th Street, is considerably larger [than MoMA's] in size with 204 works but far narrower in focus. As its title implies, this venture is pretty much girls, girls, girls. Here we have more of the aforementioned wives and mistresses, along with mythological figures, unnamed models and their more sexualized counterparts: mantilla-topped majas in assorted degrees of undress. This project was organized over two years by Tara K. Reddi, the vice president at Marlborough...and Marilyn McCully, chief collaborator on John Richardson’s monumental Picasso biography. You could say that the Marlborough show fitfully fills out the spare yet relatively complete armature of the Modern’s show, while offering rarities of its own."

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Summary: Picasso's exhibitions at Marlborough and MoMA reviewed by Roberta Smith, April 9, 2010