Sculptures by Ryman and Snelson in 7 World Trade Center Lobby 

Born in 1969, Will Ryman lives and works in New York City. He is widely recognized for his unique sculpture installations that distill human experience and emotion, capturing moments of surprise and exploring the quotidian in city life.
These three sculptures are from a series of over thirty mixed media works that depict large roses in shades of pink and red with garden detritus such as bottle caps, crushed cans and bubblegum wrappers, with a distortion of scale that, according to the artist, reflects a rodent’s view of a New York City rose garden.
The works on display include: Untitled (Rose 15), Untitled (Rose 24), Untitled (Rose 34)
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Kenneth Snelson’s sculptural explorations with tensegrity structures, a word created by the philosopher Buckminster Fuller to describe Snelson’s structural innovation by combining the words tension and integrity, manifests itself in webs of aluminum tubes and stainless steel cables that are held in highly stressed, configured structural arrangements through the push-pull balance of compressive forces in the tubes and tension forces in the cables. Snelson was born in Oregon in 1927 and lives and works in Manhattan.
This work, Equilateral Quivering Tower, was conceived in 1973 and fabricated in 1992. This is the sister sculpture to a monumental outdoor work permanently installed at the Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan.
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Summary: Installation at 7 World Trade Center